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Poul Jensen

Poul Jensen

Poul Jensen has over 30 years in the restaurant and wine business. 

He trained and graduated from one of the best French restaurants in Denmark (Gammel Aalbyhoj - Relais Gourmand - Tradition et Qualitie).

He gained invaluable experience at some of the world's most esteemed restaurants including Longueville Manor (Jersey Channel Islands); Mietta's Restaurant of Melbourne (Australia) and the world renowned liner the QE2. In London Poul worked for Noble Rot (Mayfair) and The Walbrook Club (City of London) with Albert Roux.

Poul has also run his own restaurant in Denmark (Ebeltoft) for 8 years and gained widespread recognition for his cuisine. Poul has also worked in the wine industry with some of the best wine houses of France. Poul is a member of some of the worlds most esteemed gastronomic organisations including Eurotoque, International Federation Cuisinier Exclusive d'Europe and the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.


Niall O'Reilly

Niall O'Reilly

Niall was brought up on a dairy farm in  Ireland. The family were completely self sufficient -  making all their own butter,cheeses, sausages, chutney, jams, cakes and breads. At an early age he was baking cakes, making soups and jams, churning butter and collecting sorrel from the headgerows! 

Niall has worked in the entertainment industry (National Theatre London) for many years but now enjoys doing what he does best.  He is particularly interested in nutrition for healthy living and food safety.  Niall harvests his own organic tea (lime tree blossom) along with a host of other specialities.  He also developed  Kerrouet Royale - a world class cocktail which is named after the local village! 

Niall loves exploring old recipes and developing new ones. He  launched a new dessert, rosehip posset, using wild rosehips. He has also enhanced the famous traditional Briton galette with the calette replacing the use of processed meats with healthy vegetable options. Niall is chief walking & cycling guide at the school and invites students to explore places of interest . The geology,fauna and flora of central Brittany is unique and unspoiled . You can find details of these walks along with some delicious recipes on Niall's popular food blog


Adeline Legrand has been looking after the gardens at Kerrouet House for the past year. Her main role is to ensure that there are adequate supplies of organic herbs and vegetables available for the kitchen. She can always be found working in the garden and never happier than when surrounded by her flowers.


Onde Dragtoit has overseen works at Kerrouet House for the past four years. His main duties are to ensure the rising sun is properly greeted each morning and that guests arrive with a smile on their faces! He is normally found facing east on the highest point of the property!


Ange Tomber looks after the dining room, library and winter lounge. Her main roles are to ensure harmony and balance within the school. As someone who once excelled in catering excellence she is there to advise and remind guests that we all progress in life, sometimes up and sometimes down but the important thing is to always try your best, enjoy what you are doing and learn from experience.



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