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Chefs making their mark!

It's good to see new chefs following their dreams and making an impact on the culinary scene. We are in Vence at present close to the Italian border and heard from friends of a new chef called Antonio Buono and his Michelin one star restaurant called Casa Buono in Ventimiglia. We decided to check him out for lunch. He didn't disappoint!

Antonio and his team endeavor to use only local sources for his menus and so all the vegetables, flowers, salads and fish etc come from within the local area including his garden. Wines are also sourced locally or from within Italy as required.

We went for the tasting menu with four wines paired with the meal as follows

Cereal bread and new taggiasca olive oil Panissa,

Grana Padano

Seed cracker, miso mayo, pancetta from Nerv, black cabbage

Tuna tartare, trout eggs, anchovy

Red prawn, herring cream and pearls

Scallop gnocchi, squid and broccoli

Artisanal fusilli from La Brigue, cacio, eggs, artichoke, uncinatum black truffle

Monkfish, fennel and purple dye murex, American sauce with crabs and saffron from Airole

Trompette pumpkin, clementine sorbet, green apple infusion and ginger

Jerusalem artichoke and white chocolate, caramel and almond Madeleine and lemon cream

Cocoa tartellette

Orange blossom marshmallow

Almond cartuccia

Luigi Guffanti 1876 and Valle Roja cheese selection

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