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The Story of Kerrouet House

A little over ten years ago, we opened the doors of our dining school. We took a 16th century country home, and transformed it into a cooking retreat. The idea was to have a simple design that had modern comfort mixed with Breton tradition. The old chimney is still used as an open log fire where we can cook over wood and enjoy the smell like it was in the old days of this historic home.


We can’t wait to welcome you into our home, and get to know each other while we cook and enjoy a glass of wine.


Poul Jensen

Poul has over 30 years in the restaurant and wine business. He trained and graduated from one of the best French restaurants in Denmark, Gammel Aalbyhoj. He gained invaluable experience at some of the world's most esteemed restaurants including Longueville Manor in the Jersey Channel Islands; Mietta's Restaurant of Melbourne in Australia and the world renowned liner the QE2. In London, Poul worked for Noble Rot and The Walbrook Club with Albert Roux.


Poul ran his own restaurant in Denmark, Ebeltoft, for 8 years and gained widespread recognition for his cuisine. He has also worked in the wine industry with some of the best wine houses of France. Poul is a member of some of the world’s most esteemed gastronomic organizations including Eurotoque, International Federation Cuisinier Exclusive d’Europe and the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

Niall O'Reilly

Niall was brought up on a dairy farm in Ireland. The family were completely self sufficient, making all their own butter, cheeses, sausages, chutney, jams, cakes and breads. At an early age he was baking cakes, making soups and jams, churning butter and collecting sorrel from the headgerows! 


Niall worked in the entertainment industry for the National Theatre London for many years, but now enjoys doing what he does best. He loves exploring old recipes and developing new ones, and is particularly interested in nutrition for healthy living and food safety. He also developed the Kerrouet Royale, a world class cocktail named after the local village!


Niall can advise on great walking and cycling trails in the area and invites students to explore places of interest.


Go Beyond the Kitchen

The village of Kerrouet lies in the heart of the rolling hills of Brittany. Famous for walking and cycling holidays, this is the perfect place to escape into the beautiful French countryside.


Follow Along with Us

Keep up with what's happening around the school. Whether you need a new recipe or are looking for a great place to try some wine, we know where to go.

Chef Poul and Niall are indeed solely responsible for infusing such a lasting and unique experience. I awakened to the capricious Brittany sunshine to then prepare five full days of meals with libations in between…to join other novice chefs in cooking camaraderie. And then to saunter lazily on afternoon retreat through the sweet village of Kerrouet and neighboring farmlands. Charming sheep, horses, cows and cats ...all smiled for my camera! I do hope that I may soon return to engage in another Chef Poul menu and Niall story telling and an extremely pastoral peace of mind. Truly the most memorable week in my life. Merci!

Francine O | TripAdvisor

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