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Where to Stay

There are a variety of wonderful places to stay around Kerrouet and so it very much depends upon the students themselves. We are often asked why don't we put up students within the school itself but the answer to that is simply to give the students a break when they are not cooking! Believe me, they need it, as do our chefs! 

We use up to four different houses all local to the village. There is also a hotel a short drive from the school.


Gite 1

This beautiful villa is located a short walk from the school and includes two, double bedrooms.

Gite 2

The nearest to the school, this gite has 4 bedrooms, a large lounge and kitchen where students can relax and a lovely garden to sunbathe in!

Gite 3

Gite 3 has 2 bedrooms and is a complete unit with a beautiful courtyard. 

Gite 4 is up the road a few minutes away and sleeps 4 easily with lots of space. 

This hotel is a 15m drive from the school. They offer comfortable rooms and breakfast.


Downtime at the Dining School

During the day you can use the relaxing room and make use of our wi-fi or the laundry facilities. We have coffee and tea available on arrival each day of the course at 10am.  Lunch usually ends at around 2.30pm and dinner preparation recommences at around 5.30pm and students remain at Kerrouet House until after dinner around 10.30pm. From what our students say, we don't need to change the routine as it works for them very well. We look forward to welcoming you to Kerrouet House in the not too distant future!

I loved my time at the French Dining School. I'm an enthusiastic home cook with no formal training, the syllabus that Poul put together covered a great range of techniques and methods that I can take straight back to my kitchen at home. With a mixed level of ability in our group Poul is able to teach valuable practical skills to the level of each participant. He's a patient and focused teacher with great experience to pass on.... But that's just one facet of the French Dining School... Niall and Poul are wonderful warm people, generous hosts, and you soon feel like you're almost part of the family. 

Kiwi_Prawn | TripAdvisor

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