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Moncontour Christmas Market

It's that time of year when we all get to visit our local Christmas market. These vary in size depending upon where you go but in all cases you have the opportunity to purchase local products and taste some delicious vin chaud.

Last night we had the opportunity to visit the wonderful medieval walled town of Moncontour which is a joy to wander around at any time of the year. It did not disappoint. The streets were busy with lots of folk out enjoying the festive cheer and sheer joy of street theatre. People eating, drinking, watching street entertainment and enjoying the smell of hot wines and tasty roast pork on the mobile BBQ's. People catching up with local neighbours and friends they had not seen in ages. Kids running around doing what kids do. Moncontour adds an added magic by opening its famous costume store and allowing the locals to hire medieval costumes which they then wander around in adding to the enchantment of the night.

Its a small town so its easy to get around and explore without getting lost. The only problem is parking your car which I recommend you leave outside the citadel and walk up the steep narrow streets to the top of the town.

Make a note when you see Le Contre Temps Bar as you cant leave the town without meeting Patrick and tasting some of his lovely tapas and beers.

These red radish were the largest I have ever seen and so pretty too! I nearly bought then to hang on my Christmas tree!

So the Marché de Noel is a wonderful opportunity to catch up with last minute shopping or last minute gossip or both depending on what you find and who you bump into!

Seeing so much food we were starting to get hungry so we made our way to Le Contre Temps Bar and ordered one of Patrick's famous Bara Breize or Breton Tapis served by a pint of the locally brewed biere blanche from the Brassserie de Launay.

I love the simplicity and generosity of the Bara Breize. Under a massive slice of wholemeal freshly baked bread you get to sample various tasty local  goat cheeses and a range of delicious home smoked sausages along with some pickled cornichons. I love them all except you have to be a local to fully  appreciate the finer qualities of the  saucisse andouille!

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